The fastest 360 degree processing systems in the world

Engineered to bulk process iSTAR images and video

Minimum user interaction and easy workflow


Immersive Studio delivers incredible speed and all without the help of a GPU (Graphics Card) meaning it can run on almost any 64bit PC, even portable tablet PC’s, making it a truly portable system like iSTAR.



Rapid Stitching
Built for speed and bulk processing; Immersive Studio has the ability to rapid stitch images in seconds. This speed was essential to allow video processing to be achieved on a mobile device. As a result, a full resolution 50 megapixel image can be stitched in less than 20 seconds, without using graphics acceleration hardware.

Batch Stitching
With iSTAR’s ability to capture hundreds of images quickly, we have designed Immersive Studio to automate the stitching process by introducing a batch stitch mode. This means with as little as 3 clicks, your entire days work can be processed and ready to view.

A truley unique feature of iSTAR is the ability to capture 360º HDR timelapse imaging.

iSTAR and Immersive Studio supports timelapse in single exposure, three exposure HDR and even fully automatic 9 expsoure HDR modes, to produce a standard movie file for playback. Auto HDR captures up to 360 megabytes of data per frame, providing truley rich, detailed content.

Spherical Video
Data can be captured in video mode via the SDK. The data is then processed using the Immersive Studio to produce a 360 degree movie file for playback in an immersive player. iSTAR’s super high resolution means that in full resolution mode, the footage is 10 x HD and is not supported with todays video technology.

Key features

  • Automatically process Images, Timelapse and Video
  • Includes our brand new Immersive Viewer
  • Automatically process HDR Images and HDR Timelapse footage
  • Includes our brand new iSTARshare online distribution platform
  • New optimised stitching preferences for speed and quality
  • Drag and drop images and folders into process queue
  • Easy launch Immersive Viewer: your images are ready to view with a single click
  • Export processed or un-processed images to support 3rd party software
  • 64 bit multi thread support, process stills and time lapse at same time
  • Generate geo-referenced spherical imagery
  • Now 100% Google Maps and Street View compatible output
  • Export cube faces to support 3rd party cube face players
  • Delivers our latest news and updates on screen
  • Process and push directly to iSTARshare, then distribute instantly
  • One click, embeds images within our player for you to share
  • Automatic resolution export, determines and sets the highest resolution output

Immersive Viewer is a standalone full 360º immersive player part of Immersive Studio.
The player allows you to view and navigate within your iSTAR images.
The player can be packaged together with your images and shared with others.

  • Full screen mode with zoom options
  • Fully re-written to deliver the true clarity and vibrancy of iSTAR images
  • Optimised for 64 bit operating systems
  • Can be used as a stand alone player to distribute and share your images
  • Thumbnail preview navigation
  • Supports both equirectangular and cube face image formats


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